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Whiskey is on launchpad!

Whiskey is now on launchpad, in 2 places since I can't figure out how to link habanero (trash80's and my project name) to my personal account. and

Update on the gui: since pyglet will never upgrade to python 3.0, I'm using pyjamas. PIL hasn't upgraded yet either, but it's tempting to grab the bits I need (a small subset of the whole module), fork it, and upgrade it. I haven't decided on that yet, but for right now whiskey still depends on python2.6 (arch's stable python, and the highest version I know of that PIL will work with), although I'm writing my code to be upwards compatible with 3.0.

Although whiskey is up on launchpad, it doesn't have a PPA yet simply because it's not particularly useful yet. Hence why it's still in experimental. Arch has the debian buildtools though, so once whiskey is close to what I'm aiming for (or at least close enough that I feel comfortable opening it up to a wider audience), look for a PPA.

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