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Now I'm working on a desktop-agnostic wallpaper manager. I jokingly called it 'whiskey' one night in a chat, and the name kinda stuck. Anyhoo, it walks through the user's home directory, looking for jpegs, gifs, pngs, and xcfs, looks at the size to determine if it's a wallpaper by its size (4:3 and 16:9 sizes are supported), and if it's not a standard size, it asks the user if they want it added to the database. The database is written in YAML. What will be stored in the database is the filename (full path), format, size, aspect ratio, colours, and design details. The colours and design details will be user-supplied. The gui will be done with pyglet. The image processing library I'm using to parse the metadata and will be displaying the preview in the gui is PIL (Python Image Library). Though, PIL's docs say the function to display the image is really inefficient, so if it turns out to suck too badly, I'll find something else to handle that.

I'm thinking to handle tiling, I'll grab the screen resolution (somehow) and use PIL to paste the image over and over into a bigger image the size of the screen, then save it as something like "foo.tiled.png" or so.

I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to actually set the wallpaper, whether I'll shell out to fbsetbg/esetbg/etc., or write my own routine to handle it.

The way to look through the wallpapers is a slideshow. There'll be a 'set' button, and a delete button that'll trigger a menu to either simply delete the file from the database, or from the system.

So far that's all I have planned out. Which I suppose kinda makes sense, since all I have coded so far is the function to walk down the home directory, and the function to read the metadata prior to writing it to the database. And I have a sketch of the UI (not my work, my fiance is my design person).

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