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first post!!!1!!

Ok, got that out of my system. Hi! Mostly this blog will be about stuff I'm hacking on, commentary on Linux, languages, and other computer tech I feel unusually passionate about, and I'll end up at some point touching on the trials and tribulations of being a starving linux hacker working a dead-end non-IT job. Fun!

Currently I'm working on a really cool experimental distro called Jet-fu (Just Enough To FUnction, among other possible backronyms), relearning Python, getting more into C programming, as well as geting into modding computers. Check out, he's the other half of this crazy distro. :)

In a nutshell, jet-fu aims to be a server distro that installs and runs in the smallest possible space. It will be geared for intermediate-advanced users (ie, sysadmins). Right now my pet projects as part of the groundwork are: writing scripts to pare down the kernel on install and grab modules by ftp as need be; figuring out what other specialized scripts the installer will need and fleshing those out; and working on the package management problem (how, where, and with what).

A full 'manifesto' of the project is coming soon.

As for random life-rants, I'll try to keep those to a minimum. I know my job is not that interesting, and this is mostly about hacking. Hopefully I'll keep that promise....

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